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User Summary: Sonic's home in the Green Hill Zone is suddenly plagued by bizarre and dangerous weather.
Demian's Thoughts:

This book is quite similar to the previous one, but marginally better while still not being very good. After a brief introductory segment, the reader has the choice of exploring four different locations (each with different strange weather) in any order. After a particular two of these areas have been explored, the last stretch of the adventure is unlocked (but going there without having completed all four sections is fatal). This structure makes for good replay value at first, but once the individual areas have been cracked, it becomes extremely tedious to work one's way back to the endgame (which will almost certainly be necessary, as the last part of the book features a rough time limit); this is definitely a book where some sort of "save game" mechanic would have been most welcome (though admittedly not in keeping with the video game that inspired the book). As with the rest of the later books in the series, though, the real problem is that there's no reason to bother with the gameplay because the story simply isn't interesting and the writing lacks flavor. There are a few moments that are almost weird enough to be fun (camel-riding penguins with exaggerated French accents, for example), and the presence of a section styled after Donkey Kong surprised me (after all, this is inspired by Sega, not Nintendo), but the whole thing really fails to come together as a story. I almost hate to say it, but somehow, in the absence of a real plot, allegedly cool anthropomorphic animals don't work as well as generic fantasy cliches. This series stopped being worthwhile the moment James Wallis stopped writing for it, and I'm really pretty relieved to be done with it.

My High Score - 5 rings

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Errata:In 270, the second choice should read "If Knuckles hits Sonic, turn to 84." As written, it makes no sense, since if Knuckles totally wins the fight, the book would be over and there would be no reason to turn to a new section.
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Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebooks edition

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebooks no. 6
Item: Stormin' Sonic
Authors: Gascoigne, Marc
Green, Jonathan
Illustrators: Chesterman, Adrian (cover)
Selecciones Illustradas (interior)
Date: 1996
ISBN: 0140378480 / 9780140378481
Length: 300 sections
Number of Endings: 3 (or failure by loss of lives)

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