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Item - The Slave Traders of Ganox

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Series: The Slave Traders of Ganox
Author: Bond, Denis
Illustrators: Laming, Joe
Bragg, Marnie
Date: 1987
ISBN: 0862153883 / 9780862153885
Length: 45 pages
Number of Endings: 3
User Summary: Your father and your uncle have developed a matter transmission technology, but the evil slave-trading Ganoxians show up to make life complicated....
Demian's Thoughts:

This is approximately equivalent to a Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers in reading level and length, but it's quite different in style. For one thing, being British, it's a bit more violent and potentially frightening than the American series would likely have allowed. For another, it's designed differently; where the Choose Your Own Adventure books tend to branch out to a large number of endings, this adventure loops back on itself and recycles sections so that, no matter what you do, the story turns out more or less the same (though outcomes can be good or bad). The book is pretty well-done considering the limitations of its length, but it's nothing particularly special, and it suffers from a rather ugly internal layout and a handful of spelling and grammar errors. It's not a bad read if you're looking to waste half an hour or pleasantly scare a young child, but it's not really worth the effort it would likely take to track down a copy, as this is quite a rare and elusive item.

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