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Item - Cats and Dragons

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Series: RuneQuest
Alternate Title: Cats & Dragons
Contained In: Greenwald Tales (Role-Playing Material)
Date: 1982
Length: 62 sections
Florik's Thoughts:

When Chaosium published QuestWorld as an alternative setting for their role-playing system RuneQuest II back in 1982, they included diverse material such as a geological world map, a village description, some characters, adventure ideas and even full adventures. The intent probably was to have something for everyone. Even a solo adventure.

"Cats & Dragons" is short at 62 entries. You can leaf through it in half an hour. The scenario consists of two distinct episodes, one dealing with a stolen cat and the second with a klanth stolen from a dragon. Yes, thieves abound in QuestWorld.

The main interest lies in testing out the elaborate RuneQuest combat system (not included in QuestWorld, of course). If you go into every fight and play it out according to the rules, you'll be spending three to four hours on this adventure. The harder fights can be avoided, though.

In return, your adventurer receives pretty rich rewards. In a way, this adventure is an easy method of leveling up beginning characters.

The narrative includes some shrewd humor. The style alternates between matter-of-fact tone and some richer descriptions, sometimes with a pointed contrast, but I don't see anyone seeking this short adventure out just for the writing.

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