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Item - La abadía de la traición

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Series: Leyenda ëlfica — no. 3
Alternate Title: Abbey of Treachery (literal English translation of title)
Author: López Morales, José Luis
Date: 2004
Length: 97 pages (230 sections)
Number of Endings: 9 (8 instant deaths and one victory)
User Summary: You've finally reached Stumland to request King Edoar's help against the coming of Dark forces to your Elf realm. But not even in his castle will you be safe from evil plots and treasons....
nicolau's Thoughts:

This third issue in the Leyenda ëlfica saga confirms the improvement that was suggested by the second volume. Writing style is fluid, descriptions are colourful and not just written to fill out lines, even battles are sparse, but the few you have to face have their own meaning. Watch a little detail and you'll see how important story and plot are for this gamebook: There are 230 sections, but only 8 of them are instant deaths. So, if you can read Spanish, you will enjoy this in two senses, watching as this saga becomes deeper, varied and more detailed, and watching as the author's skills are sharpening and growing.

Regarding the game system, this book keeps the one used in previous issues, so your character carries over some objects taken in previous games and improves by adding new skills. It's a simplified system of the Lone Wolf books; you may not agree with the need to choose such a system for a gamebook that isn't half as complex, but at least you should recognize that the author chose a good game system. And I'm talking about this subject because, in this third issue, a few new rules are added. Extended rules for combat such as using a shield, two weapon combat, battling in a defensive way and fighting against two or more enemies. Do they give any new fun to the game? Are these options really used? Well, I've played this book twice and I have not needed them in any case. I guess it's not bad to let readers choose their own way of play, but I would say that such a rules would be more useful in a more combat-oriented gamebook.

Anyway, the main point of this gamebook is the story. Many characters, each one with his own interests; an ancient place with its own past; and an overall plot about fight for survival of Elves and Humans against the ever-growing Dark forces. Really, one could say that it has been read many times before, but it's a pleasure to read it in a new fresh way. As the main character of this book you'll have to talk with many people, visit some places and learn about history, so, people who think with your sword, don't even try to play this book!

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Nicolau Rodrigues for details on this title.
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