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Series: Leyenda ëlfica — no. 2
Alternate Title: The Emissary (literal English translation of title)
Author: López Morales, José Luis
Date: 2004
Length: 145 pages (307 sections)
Number of Endings: 18 (17 instant deaths and one victory)
User Summary: You have been sent to a Human Kingdom in order to ask them for help in your fight against growing Dark Forces.
nicolau's Thoughts:

In this book you are the youngest prince of an Elfish Kingdom which has been attacked by Orks and Drakes (as described in the previous adventure). Your father, the King, despite your people's pride and a history of disagreements, decides to ask the Humans for help. So you are sent as an emissary to bring them your father's message...

This adventure compares favorably to the first book, with signs of improvement and greater effort. The number of entries has almost doubled, the number of "direct death" entries has been drastically diminished, the writing is much better and the story offers adventure, history lessons, a few surprises, anguish, puzzles, and many, many subplots. It must be said too that the difficulty of this book is higher. Thumbs up!

Of course, there are still a few mistakes which could be easily erased just by proofreading the text. Not just in ortography, but also in the game system (the "Fauna/Flora" skill is called "Reino animal y vegetal" and "Botánica/Fauna" in different entries).

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