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Item - El bosque en llamas

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(online edition)
Series: Leyenda ëlfica — no. 1
Alternate Title: Forest in Flames (literal English translation of title)
Author: López Morales, José Luis
Dates: 2004 (online edition)
2006 (print edition)
Length: 88 pages (169 sections)
Number of Endings: 20 (19 instant deaths and one victory)
User Summary: An Elf scouting mission turns into a race for the survival of the whole Realm!
nicolau's Thoughts:

In this story, you are the youngest son of an Elf King whose realm is based in a forest. The "story so far" tells about brighter and older times for elfs before the advance of Human civilization and growth of dark forces (orks and dragons, mainly). You are asked to go on a scouting mission in the forest, where, of course, you'll find some surprises. It wasn't too original, but I got involved in the adventure and liked it.

The game system is not original either, featuring Strength, Constitution and Agility characteristics, Attack and Defense stats, and seven skill to pick from. Beware when choosing skills, because some of them are only used once. "Fauna and flora" changes its name throughout the gamebook, and I was asked for a skill (Languages) that doesn't appear in the Skills List. One detail I liked (and it fits the Elf theme) is the double weaponry skill, "Sword mastery" and "Archery." The second time I played this adventure, I picked up "Archery," and it was useful! Cool!

Apart from some annoying ortography mistakes and a few numbered sections without text, this gamebook is easy to read, and with his use of pleasant adjectives, José Luis gives the story a perfect Elfish flavour. Maybe in the last sections (where a big battle occurs), the writing should be faster and more havoc-filled, but I enjoyed it anyway.

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