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Item - QAGS: Quick Ass Game System

Series: QAGS: Quick Ass Game System
Contains: Untitled Solo Game (Mini-Adventure)
Terror of the Twelve Thousand Toxic Toads (Mini-Adventure)
Authors: Johnson, Steve
Connor, Leighton
French, Dale
Date: 2001
Demian's Thoughts:

This product is barely worth mentioning for its solitaire adventures. They exist solely because it's sort of an industry joke that every new RPG rulebook has to include a pointless solitaire adventure or two, and they're so short as to be nearly nonexistent. In fact, they're the most pointless (but mildly amusing) adventures I've seen since Dragon Magazine's April Fool's Day Nogard quest. Still, this product isn't bad as low-budget, joke-filled RPG systems go, and it's nice that the solo adventure form was featured, even if only as a quirky page-filler.

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