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Item - The Hot Dog Gang Caper

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Series: Pick-a-Path — no. 15
Translated Into: O Bando do Cachorro Quente (Portuguese)
El caso de la banda del perrito caliente (Spanish)
Le Gang des voleurs de chiens (French)
Authors: Hiller, Barbara B. (B. B.)
Hiller, Neil W.
Illustrator: Delaney, A.
Date: 1985
ISBN: 0590334190 / 9780590334198
Length: 58 pages
Number of Endings: 11
User Summary: You've got a ransom note in your hand, a sack of money on your kitchen table, and a lot of decisions to make....
Demian's Thoughts:

This is another interesting book from B. B. Hiller (this time with a bit of help from a coauthor). The most unusual thing about the story is that it starts in media res, with the events that occurred before the introductory section being explained as you go along. This is the only interactive book I can think of at the moment where your choices affect not only what happens next but also what happened before. Also unusual (though not unprecedented) is the fact that many choices deal not with what you will do but with what you think will happen. Normally I find this sort of thing annoying, but it works here, especially since the writing is of good quality and some of the options are delightfully odd. This is definitely one of the most interesting younger reader-oriented gamebooks.

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