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Item - Mr. Buckethead vs. Doctor Neuron

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Series: Mr. Buckethead Adventure Game Series — no. 2
Author: Strang, Alex
Illustrator: Strang, Alex
Date: 2002
ISBN: 0971863717 / 9780971863712
Length: 216 panels (plus five bonus chapters and four Monster Fight monsters)
User Summary: Mr. Buckethead has the opportunity to Kung-Fu fight, drive a race car, amass an army of Smile Face Zombies, and battle the evil Doctor Neuron, among other things....
Demian's Thoughts:

The first thing of note about this volume is that it has a lower cover price than the previous book despite being the same length, which means you get the same quality for less cost -- very nice! As far as content goes, this is very much a worthy successor to the previous adventure. The challenge level is a bit higher (I still haven't managed to collect the Major Victory Point, which I suspect is much trickier here than it was last time around), but the flavor and diversity remain the same. The pace is fast, the feeling of discovery and exploration is strong, and the mini-games keep things exciting. I didn't find any really strong connections to the previous book, so this stands alone well, though having multiple books is certainly useful if only because it offers different ways of gathering money and other assets. In any case, there's much fun to be had here, and I really recommend trying this series out -- it has a really unique feel, but at the same time, it borrows successful elements from some of the classics. I hope new books keep coming!

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