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Item - Mr. Buckethead Goes to the Moon!

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Series: Mr. Buckethead Adventure Game Series — no. 1
Author: Strang, Alex
Illustrator: Strang, Alex
Date: 2002
ISBN: 0971863709 / 9780971863705
Length: 216 panels (plus two bonus chapters and four Monster Fight monsters)
User Summary: Mr. Buckethead gets to choose between visiting the candy store or the toy store; somehow, this eventually leads him to prehistoric jungles and the dangerous surface of the moon.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is a lovely little book. It brings a lot of different gamebooks to mind -- its illustration-oriented, terse and often surreal style is comparable to the Be an Interplanetary Spy series, its inter-volume compatibility reminds one of Fabled Lands, and its Monster Fight Game is vaguely similar to the Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books (though less complex). Although the book can't entirely live up to the expectations inherent in such comparisons (what could?), it nonetheless manages to be very entertaining and to have a flavor all its own. Each trip through the book is short and weird, and fun little mini-games pop up here and there. It didn't take me very long to win the book's Major Victory Point (perhaps due to good luck), but I still feel that I have lots of exploring left to do before I've exhausted the adventure's potential. If this series is successful enough to spawn further volumes, the entertainment value will only increase exponentially. Not everyone will be satisfied by the short-on-text-and-plot, large-on-big-monsters-and-chaos approach, but kids (and kids-at-heart) are bound to have lots of fun here. More, please!

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