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Item - An Opportunity for Profit

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Series: Double Diamond Triangle Saga — no. 5
Author: Gross, Dave
Date: March, 1998
ISBN: 0786908688 / 9780786908684
Product Code: 8638
Length: 87 pages
User Summary: The pirates from book three must make a dangerous overland journey after losing another ship....
Demian's Thoughts:

I wasn't much looking forward to this book after how tedious I found the previous volume involving these characters; indeed, it took me several weeks to plod through it, and I still can't tell half the characters apart. That being said, I found it a little bit more enjoyable than Ed Greenwood's work, mainly because it's solidly unambitious. This is essentially a traditional "hunter and hunted" horror story, with something awful lurking in the darkness and slaughtering people in surprisingly gruesome ways. Telling the minor characters apart doesn't much matter, and there's no plot to speak of. Still, the more important people are developed a little, and by the end, this strand of the story is tied in with its parallel partner. While I'm not exactly excited about it, I'm at least prepared to start reading the next installment....

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