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Item - Runesword: Endril - Elfin Archer with Epee

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Item-Level Details

Cover Text: Endril, outcast and mysterious elf from a distant land, has been banished from the sylvan village and beech forests of his homeland. His age is measured in centuries, his perception of time and nature inconsistent with the fleeting and fragile world of humanity. With deadly accurate bow and ancient elven magic, he wanders the lands before the Mistwall searching for the key to the mysteries which will restore his honor, free his homeland, and allow him to rejoin the community of elves.
User Summary: Statistics: Height - 4, Body Points - 8, Attacks - 1
Usable Cards: red or yellow magic (10 points)
Demian's Thoughts:

This book includes the first of the yellow spells (1 - Entangle, 2 - Summon Small Creatures and 3 - Burst of Speed) plus three other cards: Enchanted Sword Selenbrand, Medallion of Ten'Garel and Elven Gauntlet. The character himself has a blend of combat (with ten arrows to fire) and magic (including resistance) abilities but is quite weak in body points. He also features three skills (Acrobatics: 5, Archery: 9 and Stealth: 8) which were presumably meant for use with the never-published role-playing product mentioned in the rules.

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