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Item - Cold Drake

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Series: Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books — no. 1010
Translated Into: Doragon [ドラゴン] (Japanese)
Adapted From: Cold Drake (Miniature)
Authors: Leonardi, Alfred
Rosinus, James (development)
Illustrator: Starr, Arne
Date: 1984
ISBN: 0917037340 / 9780917037344
Cover Text: First you thought it was ice melting, or perhaps a trinket falling. But there it is again. Wait, voices? INTRUDERS!! Here in your misty sanctuary. Robbers, thieves come to steal your treasure. Bold little dinners seeking glory. Suddenly you rise out of the cold mist to greet your unwelcome guests.
User Summary: Statistics: Height - 6, Body Points - 60, Attacks - 2
Demian's Thoughts:

This thing is big and scary and quite fun to use. The only problem is that the exact results of its breath weapon are unclear.

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