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Item - Man in Chainmail with Sword and Shield

Series: Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books — no. 1001
Contained In: Lost Worlds Introductory Set (Collection)
In the Ruins of the Ancients (Role-Playing Material)
Translated Into: Kenshi [剣士] (Japanese)
Adapted From: Man in Chainmail with Sword and Shield (Miniature)
Authors: Leonardi, Alfred
Rosinus, James (development)
Illustrator: Starr, Arne
Date: 1983
Cover Text: Rummaging through the ruins of the Ancients has been exhausting and unprofitable. You've found nothing useful this time. Suddenly, you hear the sound of gravel shifting on the stones behind you. You turn and face an armed creature you've never seen before.
User Summary: Statistics: Height - 4, Body Points - 12, Attacks - 1
Demian's Thoughts:

Being the first book in the series, it is not too surprising that this is a fairly generic fighter.

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Errata:Some copies of the book include a slip of paper which reads: "Page 28, Column 1 Should Read: 2 - 7, 4 - 31, 6 - 45, 8 - 19."
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