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Item - The Legacy of Vashna

(Original Red Fox (British) edition)
(Original Red Fox (British) edition)
(Original Red Fox (British) edition)
(Original Red Fox (British) edition)
(Original Red Fox (British) edition, later printing)
(American ediion, early printing)
(American ediion, later printing)
(American ediion, later printing)

Combined Summary

Online Full Text: Project Aon (Project Aon edition)
Series: Lone Wolf (1984-1998) — no. 16
Lone Wolf (2007-) no. 16
Platform: Web Browser (Project Aon edition)
Translated Into: L'héritage de Vashna (French)
Il ritorno di Vashna (Italian)
Author: Dever, Joe
Illustrators: Dorman, Dave (American ediion, early printing - cover; American ediion, later printing - cover)
Jones, Peter Andrew (Original Red Fox (British) edition - cover; Original Red Fox (British) edition, later printing - cover)
Williams, Brian (Original Red Fox (British) edition - interior; American ediion, early printing - interior; Project Aon edition - interior; American ediion, later printing - interior; Original Red Fox (British) edition, later printing - interior)
Dates: December 5, 1991 (Original Red Fox (British) edition)
July, 1993 (American ediion, early printing)
March 13, 2005 (Project Aon edition)
ISBNs: 0099860503 / 9780099860501 (Original Red Fox (British) edition, Original Red Fox (British) edition, later printing)
0425138135 / 9780425138137 (American ediion, early printing, American ediion, later printing)
Cover Price: US$3.99 (American ediion, early printing)
US$4.50 (American ediion, later printing)
Special Thanks:Thanks to The Museum of Computer Adventure Game History for sharing the later American cover images. Thanks to Ryan Lynch for the original Red Fox printing images.
Users Who Own This Item: aehalpin, Alarion, Alatar001, AlHazred, andyr, Ardennes (US), Avenger (Berkley), B0N0V0X, Barker1952, Belgarath, bookwormjeff (Red Fox, Berkley), Citanul, c_wickham (for Kindle only), dArtagnan, dave2002a, dblizzard72, Demian (Red Fox edition), demon of the deep lt, desdichado66, devilsboy, Dirk Omnivore, Dronak (US), Ed (British), edwebb, egokun, Erikwinslow (US), Ffghtermedic, firaya, firefoxpdm, Gamebook, Gamehorder, Gartax, gnomeza (Red Fox), greyarea13, Haoie, Himynameistony, hoops4ever, Ian2405, JoshW, Jubal (US), juski, katzcollection, kinderstef, knginatl (US), Kojiro, le maudit, Luke, Malthus Dire, MarcusP, marginal_space, mir1812, mlvoss, mvstang, nelsondesign, nerelax, nilhilius (American), outspaced, Pessimeister (red fox edition), peterm2, Pirrakas, Pseudo_Intellectual, Radjabov, redeyeball, rpatel1976 (red fox), sebastian, Sheridan77, Sir Olli, sireeyore (Red Fox), spragmatic (US), Superfro, Tamerlane1396, ThisGuy (Red Fox), Threepwud, Treguard, Tremendez, Twoflower (Red Fox), TWolf, wonderfly, Yalius, zat
Users Who Want This Item: Aryon, Braldt, Crazyscotsman, CSquared, Cyan, Dronak (UK), eriq90 (red fox only), Grifter, Lambchop, LordJR, MasterChief, Mr ?, mrwalker, NEMO (american&brit.), odo_ital, plutonick, redbeard, snakefire77, Surcal, truce57, twar, yermither
Users with Extra Copies: Ed - Ex-library Red Fox edition.
Pirrakas - Berkley/Pacer
Sir Olli
Tamerlane1396 - American edition

Known Editions

Original Red Fox (British) edition
Original Red Fox (British) edition, later printing
American ediion, early printing
American ediion, later printing
Project Aon edition
Lone Wolf (2007-) edition (in The Legacy of Vashna (reissue))

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