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Item - The Lone Wolf Adventures

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(Book Club Associates edition - cover)
(Book Club Associates edition - back cover)
(Book Club Associates edition)
(Book Club Associates edition)
(Book Club Associates edition)
(Hutchinson edition - cover)
(Hutchinson edition - back cover)
(Hutchinson edition)
(Hutchinson edition)

Combined Summary

Series: Lone Wolf (1984-1998)
Contents: Flight from the Dark (Gamebook)
Fire on the Water (Gamebook)
Dates: 1984 (Book Club Associates edition)
1984 (Hutchinson edition)
ISBN: 0091589304 / 9780091589301 (Hutchinson edition)
Demian's Thoughts:

This is probably one of the nicest-looking gamebook releases ever. The first two books are reproduced exactly (though slightly enlarged) on high-quality paper in a sturdy hardback with the color map shared by both adventures on the back of the dust jacket. I believe that some copies were autographed, though my own is not.

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Known Editions

Book Club Associates edition
Hutchinson edition

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