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Item - Danger, Second Hand

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Series: Lazer Tag Adventures — no. 2
Author: Algozin, Bruce
Illustrator: Holloway, James (Jim)
Date: May, 1987
ISBN: 0880385154 / 9780880385152
Length: 128 pages
Number of Endings: 10
User Summary: You are Zip Logan, Lazer Tag MVP; when you investigate a restaurant bombing on the famous planet of Ardria, you end up stumbling upon the world's dark secret....
Demian's Thoughts:

Although there is no explicit continuity with the previous adventure, this book picks up with the same characters but gives the reader control of a different individual than before. The book is structured in much the same way as the last one, with a fairly linear path to victory but a few ways to branch off along the way. The choices are less interesting this time around, though, and I really wasn't especially impressed with the story -- it's yet another science fiction parable about discrimination and exploitation, and while it obviously means well, it takes too simplistic a view of a complex issue, offers too easy a solution, and just embarrasses itself by including gratuitous Lazer Tag matches along the way.

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