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Item - Operation Lone Wolf

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Combined Summary

Series: Ghost Ops — no. 1
Platform: Adobe Acrobat (Kickstarter PDF)
Contents: Operation Birdfall (Mini-Adventure)
To Kill A King (Mini-Adventure)
Operation Tangent (Mini-Adventure)
Author: Lasarde, Jayson
Illustrator: Polk, Coty
Dates: May, 2021 (Kickstarter Hardback)
May, 2021 (Kickstarter PDF)
Publishers: Kickstarter Hardback: FeralgamersInc
Kickstarter PDF: FeralgamersInc
Length: 86 pages (Kickstarter PDF)
Special Thanks: Thank you to Luke Sheridan for the information.
Advertisement Blurb: As part of a team, you have dealt with situations in Africa, Central America, Europe and the USA and as a team, you have completed these missions successfully, but sometimes a mission calls for something else, something more covert, under the radar and off the record and these missions call for a single professional to step up and do the job. You are the professional, a tier-one operator trained to survive in the harshest conditions against insurmountable odds…

You are the Lone Wolf.

The first of 3 books Operation Lone Wolf puts you in charge of a highly trained operator sent to retrieve highly classified material from an enemy research base. The book comes with all the rules to play as a solo operator and to even transfer a current Ghost Ops character into the role and out again to re-join your unit.

The game uses a modified version of the FeralEngine which is totally compatible with the Core Ghost Ops rules and source material. As a player you follow along and make decisions similar to other choose your own adventure style books, all you need is a pencil and some dice.
Users Who Own This Item: Sheridan77 (KS HB)

Known Editions

Kickstarter Hardback
Kickstarter PDF

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