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Item - The Keep of Bane

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Series: Tales from Ane Moni — no. 1
Author: Vlamis, Panagiotis
Illustrator: Vlamis, Panagiotis
Date: 2019
Edition Description: Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign that ran from January 31 2020 to March 1 2020 where $961 was pledged of a $300 goal by 39 backers.
Length: 24 pages (16 sections)
Number of Endings: 1
Printing: 1st
Special Thanks: Thank you to Dane Barrett for the scans.
Dimensions: A6-sized
Cover Text: Welcome to the world of Ane Moni. By possessing this here COMIGAME, you gain the ability to control Kotharan the Weasel, an aspiring Adventurer in pursuit of Quests, desperately trying to become a member of the most famed and prestigious guild of them all, the Adventurers Guild!

It is YOU who control Kotharan's actions and his success or failure will be determined solely by YOUR own choices. Will you manage or have you already started wetting your pants?
hadlee73's Thoughts:

Have you ever played the video game Dragon's Lair? Do you remember how the game was effectively walking from one room to the next, and subsequently being attacked by either a monster or a trap which you then had to overcome before moving into the next room? This is The Keep of Bane in a nutshell, as the reader, while getting the odd choice of whether to go through a left or right door, will generally jump around from one section to another to face whatever encounter is laying in wait (rinse and repeat). The art for the book is quite fun, but at only 20 odd pages you'll whip through it in no time. The story (well, it's just a quest, really) is told with humour that is sometimes crude and contemporary (the main character at one point makes the statement that he can 'smell chicks'), so be aware of that. I don't know how easy or possible it is to get a copy of this 'comigame' (as the creator calls it) or whether there will be any more made, as the copy I own was from a Kickstarter campaign.

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Special Thanks:Thank you to Dane Barrett for the information.
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