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Item - Trouble in Tinglewood

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Combined Summary

Series: A Select Your Own Timeline Adventure — no. 2
Platform: Kindle (Kindle)
Author: Tingle, Chuck
Dates: July 23, 2020 (Kindle)
July 24, 2020 (Paperback)
ISBN: 9798669207564 (Paperback)
Length: 233 pages (Kindle)
239 pages (Paperback)
Advertisement Blurb: before you, you’re hoping to hit the big time in Tinglewood, to tell the story that ignites your soul and begs to erupt forth on the silver screen, or in a hit song, or across a television set. You’re here to become a star. Of course, this mission is easier said than done, and in Tinglewood there’s no shortage of drama and mystery to keep you occupied. The Tinglewood Slashman has been on the front page every day, claiming victims across the City of Devils with no sign of slowing down. In this thrilling tale of The Tingleverse, you decide which path to take. With multiple endings to discover and several consequences to face, the reader is the star of the show as you fight to see your name in lights! Will you and a punk rock unicorn take over the fine art scene after a battle with giant rats in Venna Beach? Will you encounter The Valley Girls, a roving band of desert-dwelling barbarians in diesel-powered war machines, and live to tell the tale? Will you find yourself house-sitting for dinosaur superstar Bob Downer, Jr. in the Tinglewood Hills, only to discover things are not exactly as they seem? The decision is yours!
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