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Item - i'm a woman

Combined Summary

Series: Miscellaneous Works by John M. Withers IV
Miscellaneous Works by John M. Withers IV
Platform: Kindle (Kindle edition)
Author: Withers, John M., IV
Dates: January 23, 2020 (Kindle edition)
September 20, 2020 (Paperback edition)
Length: 132 pages (Kindle edition)
Advertisement Blurb: Ayasha and Stacy met in a college English course. They had a lot in common, including their boyfriends. Too much in common. In fact, their boy friends were more than similar, they were dating the same guy.

This interactive fiction romance short story explores Ayasha's angle in the love triangle, following her past years memories.

Known Editions

Kindle edition
Paperback edition (in is that all there is? (Trilogy Edition))

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