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Item - The Temple of Death: The Villain's Gamebook

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Combined Summary

Series: Miscellaneous Works by Adam Carter
Platform: Kindle (Kindle edition)
Author: Carter, Adam
Dates: December 29, 2018 (Paperback edition)
January 9, 2019 (Kindle edition)
ISBN: 1792884168 / 9781792884160 (Paperback edition)
Publishers: Kindle edition: Createspace -- United States
Paperback edition: Createspace -- United States
Length: 78 pages (61 paragraphs) (Paperback edition)
39 pages (61 paragraphs) (Kindle edition)
Advertisement Blurb: Your name is Roark. For thousands of years, you have been conducting experiments on the human race. Immortal and immune to pain, you yearn to understand what it means to be alive, yet your constant quest seldom bears fruit. To this end, you have trapped five people (two knights, an old priestess, a young acolyte and a travelling musician) in a temple filled with traps and monsters. If they can find the exit, you have promised to set them free. Unlike other gamebooks, here you take the role of the villain. It is up to you to beset the heroes with problems, to send in monsters or create walls of fire. All the while, you must watch them and try to further your understanding of their simple species. Can the heroes defeat you, and can you keep them alive long enough to learn something from them? A gamebook of 61 paragraphs.
hadlee73's Thoughts:

Perfect length for what it is. Temple of Death is a very short gamebook, but I had some good fun with it, especially as a book to read on the train. Unlike most gamebooks, you play the villain here, and it makes for an entertaining 'dungeon keeper'-style scenario in which you can throw monsters and magical powers at the heroes periodically. The characters are your standard fantasy tropes but this just serves to make the game more relate-able to readers who enjoy fantasy adventures and dungeon crawls. A fun read.

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Paperback edition
Kindle edition

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