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Item - The Asturia Incident

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Advertisement Blurb: Escape in the Lap of Luxury.... Vanno del Rask had to escape Gorvann starport and reach Naava Prime. If Rayzu Syndicate operatives tracked him down they’d interrogate him to find out how much he’d discovered of their plans to destabilize the sector government for their own profit. He charmed and bribed his way aboard a luxury cruiser named Asturia, leaving Gorvann without enemy operatives noticing. You are Vanno del Rask. Now that you’ve escaped the Rayzu Syndicate thugs, it’s smooth sailing to complete your mission...or is it? The Asturia Incident is a solitaire adventure gamebook, an interactive story in which you play the role of the main character. Instead of reading straight through like a normal book, you follow instructions leading you from one numbered entry to another. You’ll need a handful of six-sided dice; a pencil and some note paper can help you keep track of Vanno’s status, clues he discovers, or other information worth remembering.

Paperback edition

Series: OpenD6 Solitaire Adventure no. 2
Item: The Asturia Incident
Author: Schweighofer, Peter
Date: November 14, 2019
Publisher: Lulu
Length: 100 pages
Dimensions: 152 x 229 mm

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