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Item - Trapped in the Museum

Series: OpenD6 Solitaire Adventure — no. 1
Author: Schweighofer, Peter
Date: May 31, 2019
Length: 48 pages
Dimensions: 152 x 229 mm
Advertisement Blurb: 20th Anniversary OpenD6 Edition You wake with a start. A cold sweat covers your body. You shiver from the cool air around you and the cold, hard bed. In that drowsy fog that clouds your mind just after sleep you don’t recall crawling from your desk into bed. With all your recent sleep deprivation you wonder if you can remember anything clearly. Perhaps you fell asleep in the museum library, but the librarians always wake you up and send you along at closing time. As your waking haze clears, you realize you can’t possibly have fallen asleep and been locked in the’re wearing only your nightclothes! Trapped in the Museum is a solitaire adventure gamebook you can play like a story in which you’re the main character. The adventure text itself incorporates rules for overcoming obstacles based on the classic D6 System developed by West End Games. All the rules you need are right in this book...just add a few six-sided dice and you’re ready to play!

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