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The Curse of the Cave Creatures

Series: Give Yourself Goosebumps Special Edition #5
Author: Stine, R. L.
Illustrator: White, Craig
Release Date: January, 1999
ISBN: 0590187341 / 9780590187343
Length:136 pages
Number of Endings:28
User Summary: While hiking through the desert, you find a cave. All too quickly, you manage to break an ancient skull and release a dangerous spirit, and it's now your job to undo the damage you have done!
Demian's Thoughts: It seems that R. L. Stine (or whatever author was borrowing his name for the purposes of writing this book) was feeling a bit nostalgic for Wizards, Warriors & You when the concept for this adventure was devised. The first choice you are faced with is whether to be a hunter or a spellcaster, and depending on your decision, you must then pick out a selection of weapons or spells to bring along on your mission. This, combined with the fairly promising-sounding plot, raised my hopes that this would be an entertaining adventure. Unfortunately, it fell far short of its potential. The weapon and spell choosing is rather pointless since in each case you get to pick three items from a list of only four, and there's not much strategy to actually using the things you choose, especially if you become a hunter. Similarly pointless are the pair of puzzles found in the book -- although the word transformation puzzle is used in what could almost (but not quite) be called a clever manner, I really can't comprehend the point of the color-in-the-squares thingie on page 120. Things are made much worse by the fact that the writing is well below par (and par is pretty low when you consider that we're talking about Goosebumps here). The overall tone is light, but not humorous, thus undermining the horror and inducing apathy in the reader. There are lots of pointless sentence fragments (my favorite was the gramatically nightmarish "Let him show itself."), and descriptions often go too far overboard in attempting to be impressive (a Pterosaur as big as a tree?!). Add at least one dumb factual error (tarantulas and scorpions aren't insects, and most people know that by now), and you've got quite a mess. It's not very challenging either, and the title doesn't feel quite appropriate. Definitely the low point of the series thus far.

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Errata:The bottom of page 36 should say go to page 37, not 104. The bottom of page 97 should say turn to 104, not 37
Special Thanks:Thanks to Iago for the errata.
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