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Item - Invaders from the Big Screen

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Series: Give Yourself Goosebumps — no. 29
Translated Into: Haus der hundert Schrecken (German)
Author: Stine, R. L.
Illustrator: White, Craig
Date: July, 1998
ISBN: 0590402897 / 9780590402897
Length: 137 pages
Number of Endings: 28
User Summary: You have the choice of seeing three different films: a King Kong rip-off, an espionage thriller or (of course) a horror flick. Whichever you choose, it proves rather more realistic than you had anticipated....
Demian's Thoughts:

This is an average entry in the series. While its movie-based setting offers a certain amount of variety in terms of storylines (much like the second Which Way book), it doesn't break any new ground and remains uninspired and predictable throughout. The title also isn't very accurate; the reader usually ends up going into the screen rather than battling things coming out of it. In any case, apart from a somewhat interesting puzzle involving musical notes, this book has nothing too special to offer. Unless you're really devoted to reading all of these books, you won't miss much by skipping this one.

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