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Item - Il Giorno della Civetta

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Alternate Title: The Day of the Owl (literal English translation of title)
User Summary: Enter the role of Owl, the Deadcatcher, and make your way in a land plagued by Dead and Abominations, bandits and deserters, assassins and rogues. Travel far and wide through the Mediterranean Sea, from the Fighting Pits of Algiers to the Sicilian Caliphate, from wealthy and insidious Genoa to lost Constantinople. Face the most horrible intrigue that the New Kingdoms have seen, and finally bring light to the shadows darkening your past and family. The Day of the Owl is a solo adventure for Ultima Forsan and Savage Worlds. In this book you'll find two different game systems (basic and advanced), record sheet, dice, a map of the Macabre Mediterranean, many appendices and a number of new monsters and equipment, that can be used for the group play. There is no time to lose: go to section 1 and start your adventure!
Special Thanks:Thanks to Jonny Firebead for the image and other details.
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Ultima Forsan Solo Adventures edition

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