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Item - Little Jimmy, Kid Detective, in... The Case of the Missing Science Project

(FollettBound fifth printing)
(FollettBound fifth printing)

Combined Summary

Series: Comics Squad
Author: Shiga, Jason
Illustrator: Shiga, Jason
Dates: 2016 (eBook edition)
2016 (Original library edition)
2016 (Original trade edition)
Length: 20 pages
User Summary: The reader must help solve the mystery of a stolen time machine.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is essentially a snack-sized version of Meanwhile, utilizing the same maze of comic panels with arrows carrying the story in various directions and across pages. In only twenty pages, the story can't accomplish as much, but it manages at least one clever mechanic (time travel) and a laugh or two.

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Known Editions

FollettBound fifth printing (in Comics Squad: Lunch!)
eBook edition (in Comics Squad: Lunch!)
Original library edition (in Comics Squad: Lunch!)
Original trade edition (in Comics Squad: Lunch!)

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