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Item - Comics Squad: Lunch!

(FollettBound fifth printing)
(FollettBound fifth printing)

Combined Summary

Series: Comics Squad
Contents: Little Jimmy, Kid Detective, in... The Case of the Missing Science Project (Gamebook)
Dates: 2016 (eBook edition)
2016 (Original library edition)
2016 (Original trade edition)
ISBNs: 0553512641 / 9780553512649 (Original trade edition)
055351265X / 9780553512656 (Original library edition)
0553512668 / 9780553512663 (eBook edition)
1537916882 / 9781537916880 (FollettBound fifth printing)
Length: 138 pages
Special Thanks:Thanks to Otto Katz for discovering this in his school library and bringing it home for me; I could not be more proud.

Known Editions

FollettBound fifth printing
eBook edition
Original library edition
Original trade edition

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