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Item - Loyal Heart

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Combined Summary

Series: Miscellaneous Works by Pavel Tomcsányi
Platforms: Adobe Acrobat (PDF edition)
ePub (ePub edition)
Kindle (mobi edition)
Translated From: Oddané srdce (Czech)
Translator: Šimonová, Veronika
Dates: 2018 (ePub edition)
2018 (mobi edition)
2018 (PDF edition)
ISBNs: 8075896580 / 9788075896582 (ePub edition)
8075896599 / 9788075896599 (mobi edition)
8075896602 / 9788075896605 (PDF edition)
Publishers: ePub edition: Martin Koláček - E-knihy jedou
mobi edition: Martin Koláček - E-knihy jedou
PDF edition: Martin Koláček - E-knihy jedou
Length: 189 pages
User Summary: The peaceful Joschol nation is facing the invasion of outlanders who came from the sea. Embark on a great gamebook quest to save them.
Special Thanks:Thanks to the author for the cover image, plot summary and other details.

Known Editions

ePub edition
mobi edition
PDF edition

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