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Item - Escape from Horror Island

Series: GAMES no. 179
Part of: GAMES #179 (Magazine)
Author: Costello, Matthew J.
Illustrator: Harper, Mike
Date: April, 2002
Length: 5 pages (pp. 8-11, 16; 42 sections)
Number of Endings: 4
User Summary: You are a contestant on a new reality TV show. You must unravel the mystery of an island with a sinister reputation -- and live to tell about it!
Demian's Thoughts:

While I'm pleased that a solo adventure was included in this magazine, it's a shame they couldn't have managed a better one. Nothing about it is interesting -- the game system is minimal (three stats plus an unlimited inventory), the plot is dumb, the puzzles are few and simplistic, the endings are all unsatisfying, and the whole thing is so short as to be trivial. Sadly, this thing is going to be many people's first encounter with interactive fiction, and it's not likely to put them in the mood for more. Very disappointing.

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