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Item - Blue Frog Tavern

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Series: Tunnels and Trolls: The Crown of Klade — no. 3
Platforms: Android
Apple iOS
Adapted From: Blue Frog Tavern (Solitaire Adventure)
Authors: Movitz, Paul
Wilson, James
Florik's Thoughts:

Playing the Crown of Klade campaign featured in the Tunnels & Trolls app, this third solo provides a striking contrast. The previous adventure, Buffalo Castle, was a pretty random and abstract dungeon. This follow-up seems all story, albeit a short one. At its heart lies a passage through a dungeon. There are three parallel dungeons to choose from, so there is some replay value, but of course you'll see only some of the writing during a single playthrough.

The adventure might also be a tad too simple. I reached the positive ending at the first go, and later found this was no exception. Some of it depends on your hero's stats, of course, and of the three routes, one seems a lot harder than the other two.

Anyway, there's quite a bit more to this adventure than combat. In the opening sequence, you'll have to pick sides in a tavern fight. I tend to enjoy such moral decisions. Later, you can decide to leave your not always reliable adventuring companion to the enemy, and while no one would ever do that except out of curiosity, it's great to have a choice.

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