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Item - Golden Girl and the Crystal of Doom

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Series: Find Your Fate Junior - Golden Girl — no. 3
Author: Sherman, Josepha
Illustrator: Barr, Ken
Date: June, 1986
ISBN: 0345328620 / 9780345328625
Length: 73 pages
Number of Endings: 18
User Summary: A local stonecarver has found a mysterious crystal, and you set off to investigate....
Demian's Thoughts:

I commented in my review of the final Find Your Fate Junior - The Transformers book that Josepha Sherman has a habit of writing the final book in gamebook series; here's another example! It's not a bad conclusion; in contrast to the previous book, its choices are far more strategic and interesting, and though the writing is pretty dreadful (I think it would be impossible for a Golden Girl book to be well-written), it's an entertaining enough (if brainless) read. There's even a cameo appearance by Moth Lady (and yes, she flutters around and gets drawn to a flame)! As an added bonus, I find the cover art to be fairly impressive-looking (though Golden Girl looks ridiculous, as always). My only real complaint (apart from the obvious complaints that can be made about the whole Golden Girl concept) is that the book lacks internal consistency, with one mysterious figure turning out to be different characters in different places and with a general tendency for you to find what you're looking for no matter where you go. This aside, though, it's a good enough way to spend half an hour (which is about all the time it took me to explore the possibilities to my satisfaction).

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