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Item - Golden Girl in the Land of Dreams

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Series: Find Your Fate Junior - Golden Girl — no. 2
Author: Storey, Alice
Illustrator: Barr, Ken
Date: June, 1986
ISBN: 0345328612 / 9780345328618
Length: 73 pages
Number of Endings: 16
User Summary: Two of your allies have prophetic dreams, one involving captured children, the other involving the sought-after missing gemstone half....
Demian's Thoughts:

This book is a bit less entertaining than the previous one. Its writing is of about the same quality, but it doesn't have quite as much amusing silliness. Dragon Queen's excessive use of the phrase "my pretty" and the existence of an obstacle known as the Stream of Terrible Dread caused me to chuckle a little, but it's hard to beat the previous volume's use of Moth Lady for pure goofiness. The choices are also largely unsatisfying, with no real sense of cause and effect -- in most cases, there's no real motivation to make any particular choice, so the story just unfolds randomly; for example, at one point, you are confronted with two magical monsters. The most entertaining choice would probably be to pick how to trick them, but the choice the book actually provides asks you which beast to trick. Most choices are similarly pointless, and the few that feel at least slightly meaningful still fail to be very exciting. Finally, I should mention that the book attempts to introduce a bit of characterization and romance to the series. A noble effort, perhaps, but it largely falls flat; I'm just not that interested in Golden Girl's personal life, I suppose....

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