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Item - DezAventuras

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Series: DezAventuras
Alternate Title: TenAdventures (literal English translation of title)
Author: Beuren, Athos
Illustrators: Beuren, Athos (cover)
Gasparotto, Roger (interior)
Dias, Wellington (interior)
Date: September, 2017
ISBN: 9897741933 / 9789897741937
Length: 500 sections (10 50-section stories)
User Summary: Get ready to live breathtaking DEZAVENTURAS! Take on the role of the main character in this thrilling gamebook and challenge your limits! Defeat creatures, find treasures, unlock puzzles, explore scenarios, save the world and be the hero! Only YOU can invade the Red Fortress, escape from the Dread Forest and destroy the Symbol of Evil. Make a Risk Delivery and explore the Dark Castle; eliminate the Black Cloak, perform a Relentless Escape, and put an end to the Terror Express; survive the Storm of the Dead and win the Metal Inferno.

But be careful! Danger lurks on every page! Can you muster courage and determination enough to achieve your goals and achieve victory? Fate is in your hands! Embark on this journey and dive into DEZAVENTURAS!

Special Thanks:Thanks to Pedro Panhoca for the images, description and other details.
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