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Series: Decide Your Fate — no. 1
Author: Prytherch, Jacob
Date: May 13, 2014
Length: 232 pages
mray0093's Thoughts:

You play as Kenji's brother. Kenji is involved with the occult and has disappeared suddenly. It is up to you to find him within 5 hours. You will have to go from location to location searching for him. But time is precious, so use that wisely. The one thing which stands out in this gamebook is the atmosphere. Prytherch builds up an atmosphere of gloom, desperation and bleakness through his pen. You can question NPCs and gather valuable information which might be used to find Kenji quickly. The sequence in the apartment complex is an interesting one, one which stands out in recent memory. But the ending feels a bit rushed, which hampers the overall mood and feel of the game. There is no combat as such. Whether you can outlive enemies depends on whether or not you possess certain items you are meant to pick up along the way. Overall, an interesting read. But it does not offer anything new in terms of game mechanics or gameplay in general. The story is alright, except the hurried ending. Okay for a one or two time read. Not recommended for hardcore gamers.

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