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Item - What's Your Story? Series 1

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User Summary: Stephen receives a phone call from his cousin Laura. Her father, Miles, has disappeared. Intrigued by this, Stephen and Laura take the train to the West Country of England. Miles' cottage has been ransacked and asomeone has been rummaging through all of Miles' belongings. Stephen and Laura, decide to start tidying things up and, as they do so, they uncover a strange tin box which contains a map and a curious stone which glows. The mysterious Quince suddenly appears and informs the pair that the map is for a nearby tin mine. Quince promises to guide Stephen and Laura through the mine in return for the glowing stone. Wasting no time, they set off into the mine and come across a brick wall which appears to have been built recently. It's blocking their path... At this point the interactive daily phone-in part of the story began.

What's Your Story? edition

Series: What's Your Story? no. 1
Item: What's Your Story? Series 1
Author: Corey, Peter
Date: October 31, 1988
Length: 10 episodes
Number of Endings: 1

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