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Item - Lost at SEA and Found

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Cover Text: After a memorable stay at the Society for Erotic Adventures with her husband, Joss returns on her own to begin her new job as staff writer for the hotel. Upon her arrival, she learns that most staff members are initiated, not trained. Seeking an interesting angle for her story -- and more curious than she might like to admit -- Joss puts herself, her safety, and her marriage in Serafina┬╣s strange and possibly magical hands. Joss's initiation reunites her with the charismatic and mysterious Tilson, and she embarks on an adventure more powerful and more dangerous than she ever anticipated.

Silkwords LLC edition

Series: Silkwords LLC
Item: Lost at SEA and Found
Platform: Kindle
Author: White, Skyler
Date: October 9, 2014
Length: 43 pages

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