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Item - Stepmother Smackdown: An Interactive Catfight

Series: Miscellaneous Works by Susan Alexander
Platform: Kindle
Author: Alexander, Susan
Date: November 28, 2015
Cover Text: You've never really gotten along with your Eastern European stepmother Irina - it's always felt to you like she's been looking down her nose at you since you met, and you suspect she's just after your father's money. When he passes away, she stuns you with a proposal - she'll fight you for it! The winner gets every last cent, and the loser will be lucky to escape with just a beating. Your fate is in your hands in this interactive story. Attack with punches, slaps, wrestling holds, and underhanded dirty moves. But your stepmother is no slouch; she wants that money, and she's ready to destroy you to get it. Choose your moves wisely wisely and you'll find yourself with a fortune and your beautiful stepmother as your plaything; choose poorly and you'll be at her mercy - if she has any.....

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