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Item - The Defeat of Archbaroness

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Item-Level Details

Cover Text: Archbaroness: founder and leader of the Megatropolis Amazons. Paragon of Megatropolis City. She stands as defender of the city, always able to defeat any foe in the end. But what would happen if she WAS defeated? In this non canonical story set in the “Heroines Perilous World” you the reader get to choose what decisions Archbaroness makes during a normal day of fighting crime in Megatropolis. Peril lies around every corner, can YOU get her through the day without being defeated? More importantly do you even want her to go undefeated? The choices early in the day can make a big difference, choosing between sending Archbaroness into her day with a mind clear of distracting sexual desire but with lowered powers or at her full power but with a mind addled by the cravings of her needy body. Keeping track of this behind the scenes Archbaroness has a hidden power and horny meter, each opening and closing certain options in the story.

Choose Her Peril edition

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