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Item - Wasteland Slut 1: Escape From the Bunker

Series: Choose Her Peril — no. 3
Platform: Kindle
Author: Hunter, Philo
Date: October 30, 2015
Cover Text: The world ended in a conflagration of atomic war. Even worse, a strange mutagenic virus has been spread across the globe mutating the survivors of the wasteland into impossible pulp fiction monstrosities. Most of the mutated people are driven by their basest needs: once their stomach is full they care only for fornication. But Nita Redfield knows nothing about the Wasteland that now covers the earth. Daughter to one of the few lucky people who hid themselves inside massive Bunkers before the bombs dropped, she has grown up safe and untouched by the harsh and perverted world above her. But all of that is about to change. Calamity has struck her bunker, causing chaos and mutation all around her. You get to make Nita’s choices as she learns to deal with the changes to her body, her libido, and the dangers that now lurk all around her. Can you lead her to the relative safety of the world outside of the Bunker, avoiding all the peril that now lies within its metal walls?

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