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Item - ReWrite: A Choose Your Own Path Story

Series: Miscellaneous Works by Liriel Saarinen
Platform: Kindle
Author: Saarinen, Liriel
Cover Text: A tale of dark fantasy and transformation, wrapped around a puzzle with a prize for the first to solve it! John begins his day only to discover he is the star of a mysterious screenplay. On a whim, he begins to make edits, and finds the world around him changing to match. You are in control. You choose his path through this strange and torturous journey, lost to temptation. What will happen? Can the world as we know it survive? In the end that is up to you. Written using Inklewriter's interactive story creation software, this massive and sprawling story encompasses twenty five thousand words, hundreds of branches, and over 15 different endings. Including several secret, hidden endings. Find 3 for free product. Find them all and solve the puzzle for an amazing Grand Prize!

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