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Item - Spurtacus

Series: Choose Your Own Erotic Story
Platform: Kindle
Author: Hawkes, Callista
Length: 227 pages
Cover Text: A prisoner of the Roman Empire, you find yourself sold into slavery to the wealthy House of Felatius and the voluptuous Servilia, known throughout Rome for hosting wild parties and for her insatiable sexual appetites. Having caught her eye, you must keep in Servilia's good graces while also planning your escape. This 50,000 word Erotic choose your own story puts you in control, utilising e-book technology to eliminate the page flicking of yesteryear and allow you to enjoy seducing beautiful slave girls, an exotic African woman, a curvaceous farmers wife, a sophisticated young noblewoman and the lusty Servilia herself. Featuring numerous paths to multiple endings and where leaving a woman unsatisfied will lead to a much more serious outcome than a cold shoulder! Spurtacus features several steamy sexual encounters including, in the best traditions of the Roman Empire at its most decadent, a full on orgy.

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