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Item - Bimbo Cascade

Series: Choose Your Erotic Adventure — no. 1
Platform: Kindle
Author: Santos, Lily
Length: 564 pages
Cover Text: The main character is a ruthless, ambitious, know-it-all brat, who attempts to knock the smartest student at the university, Mark, off his pedestal via blackmail. But Mark shows her what it really means to be ruthless, with his superior intellect and his insidious invention: The Ratchet! Now she has to suppress her arousal or find herself a blonde airhead bimbo! You get to choose how the main character will deal with the consequences of her less than wise actions! The results are always hot and steamy! This Choose-Your-Erotic-Adventure book contains themes of mind control, bimboization, nanobots, and graphic MF and FF sex.

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