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Item - Clock Tease

Series: Sextrap Dungeon — no. 3
Platform: Kindle
Author: Knox, Kurt
Date: October 11, 2015
Length: 567 pages
Number of Endings: 35
Cover Text: You asked for it and now you've got it! For the first time in Sextrap Dungeon history, you get to play an actual woman! That's right; Sextrap Dungeon: Clock Tease is a sex-positive story of female empowerment, so get ready for a hot injection.... of feminism! Time travel! Imagine being given a chance to travel into the days of yore and influence the events that changed history. To journey into antiquity and right mankind’s wrongs. To mold the shape of our present day and bring about a new utopia! Now forget all that guff and imagine getting dicked up and down by the very best history has to offer. Genghis Khan, Ramses the Great, Sigmund Freud, take your pick - ain’t no scrubs in these yesteryears! This third standalone installment of the Sextrap Dungeon series is the best yet! It’s an erotically charged history lesson! It’s Bill and Ted meets Mills and Boon! It’s the ultimate page turner, or at least it would be if only the pages weren’t so damned sticky!

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