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Item - Dead Reich 2

Series: Interactive Fiction Gamebooks — no. 2
Platform: Kindle
Author: Brode, Max
Illustrator: Weissi-Zadeh, Kawe
Date: June 14, 2015
Cover Text: With three times the size of Book I and deeper and more varied choices, you are invited to continue your mission. In this choose your own story adventure you find yourself deep behind enemy lines with the sick truth closer to you than ever before. Who can you trust, and what could possibly explain the madness that already lies behind you? As you descend into the catacombs of the town, the full insanity of the Nazi plot starts to unravel. Technology combined with ancient mysticism is creating a weapon that threatens to win them the war. Here you are the hero and only you can decide which paths to follow in this interactive gamebook. Manage situations as they unfold. Multiple paths lead to multiple endings. Can you stop the weapon being built? Can you survive?

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