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Item - Dead Reich

Series: Interactive Fiction Gamebooks — no. 1
Platform: Kindle
Author: Brode, Max
Illustrator: Weissi-Zadeh, Kawe
Date: June 14, 2015
Cover Text: The sickest, darkest deeds were undertaken in the name of Hitler during World War 2. In this choose your own story adventure you are a U.S. Marine sent to investigate the strange reports from Nazi occupied Ukraine. Reports from local operatives have sent chills down the spine of Allied Command and even days before you begin your mission you find yourself haunted by sinister dreams. Your objective is to parachute deep into enemy territory, infiltrate the hidden facility, find the truth and return alive. As your plane approaches the objective, a freak accident leaves you left without supplies in hostile territory with only your training and wits to guide you. Here you are the hero and only you can decide which paths to follow in this interactive gamebook. Manage situations as they unfold. There are multiple paths through and multiple ways to die. Can you discover what monstrosities lurk in the darkness? Can you survive them?

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