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Item - Sam, Cars and the Cuckoo

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Series: Warlock no. 2
Part of: Warlock #2 (Magazine)
Author: Nix, Garth
Date: 1984
Length: 3 pages (pp. 8-10)
User Summary: This post-holocaust short story is designed as a preview of Freeway Fighter.
noonxnoon's Thoughts:

Being a fan of the Freeway Fighter book, I searched out a copy of the story on the Internet to read. While I can't complain about something that was free or a short story... it was a bit overdone with details. I understand this was written many years ago, and stories like this were more unique at the time, but it started getting too wordy about future items which the reader really can't relate to. Without any context, the reader is inundated with such items over and over again. It became exhausting, and I found myself skimming over sentences that were obsessively filled with these things.

Hey, it was a free read and a short story. I am glad it inspired Ian Livingstone to write Freeway Fighter, as I enjoyed that book... Other than that, nothing to see here!

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