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Edition - Big Trouble - Paperback edition, first printing

Series: Endless Quest no. 52
Item: Big Trouble
Author: Forbeck, Matt
Illustrators: Bader, Daren (interior)
Balmet, John-Paul (interior)
Behm, Mark (interior)
Belisle, Eric (interior)
Chaturvedi, Sidharth (interior)
Conceptopolis (interior)
Deschamps, Eric (interior)
Dorman, Dave (interior)
Drebas, Olga (interior)
England, Wayne (interior)
Fiegenschuh, Emily (interior)
Fischer, Scott M. (cover and interior)
Gallegos, Randy (interior)
Grant-West, Lars (interior)
Hodgson, Jon (interior)
Irwin, Kate (interior)
Jacobson, Tyler (interior)
Kok, Julian (interior)
Kuioka, Emi (interior)
Molnar, Mark (interior)
Moyer, Lee (interior)
Ortiz, Hector (interior)
Pisano, Alessandra (interior)
Prescott, Steve (interior)
Salehi, Amir (interior)
Seaman, Chris (interior)
Sweet, Justin (cover and interior)
Tenery, Thom (interior)
Trego-Erdner, Cory (interior)
Wen, Joon (interior)
Date: 2018
ISBN: 1536202444 / 9781536202441
Length: 122 pages
Number of Endings: 24
Cover Price: US$8.99