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     Diablo Novels

          1. Legacy of Blood

     Life's Lottery

          Life's Lottery

     Mage Knight Novels

          1. Rebel Thunder
          2. Dark Debts

     Starcraft Novels

          Starcraft: Uprising

     Time Machine

          1. Secret of the Knights
          2. Search for Dinosaurs
          3. Sword of the Samurai
          4. Sail with Pirates
          5. Civil War Secret Agent
          6. The Rings of Saturn
          7. Ice Age Explorer
          8. The Mystery of Atlantis
          9. Wild West Rider
          10. American Revolutionary
          11. Mission to World War II
          13. Secret of the Royal Treasure
          14. Blade of the Guillotine
          15. Flame of the Inquisition
          16. Quest for the Cities of Gold
          18. Sword of Caesar
          19. Death Mask of Pancho Villa
          20. Bound for Australia
          21. Caravan to China
          22. Last of the Dinosaurs
          23. Quest for King Arthur
          24. World War I Flying Ace
          25. World War II Code Breaker

     Warcraft Novels

          Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor

     Whatever You Want

          Whatever You Want

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